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Located high in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the capital city of the region of Tyrol. You can fly with Austrian Airlines and explore this scenic tourist destination. Innsbruck is a beautiful city of over 100,000 residents surrounded by mountains and an amazing landscape. The city offers a variety of ski slopes such as Tulfes, Mutters, Igls and Hungerburg providing an abundance of alpine sporting opportunities. Skiers and snowboarders are attracted to Innsbruck from far and wide. The city itself also has a lot to offer to visitors. Innsbrucks attractions are mainly concentrated around the precinct of 'Altstadt' (old town) and include the home of Ferdinand II and 'Hofburg' the Imperial Palace. The large student population combined with a large number of skiers visiting Innsbruck provide for a lively and fun atmosphere.

Flights to Innsbruck

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EAT in Innsbruck: Lichtblick
It's the light at the end of the tunnel: those who take a seat here will be sated, but you could never get enough of the panorama views. The upper floor of the city hall galleries has a unique position that boasts an unbelievable view of the city, the mountains and almost the entire region of Tyrol, as it appears. It may be easy to look past your plate, but don't look too far as what is served on plates here is truly a feast for the eyes. You can expect artfully arranged buffalo mozzarella, colourful baby leaf salads and carefully decorated tomato tagliatelle. It's all mouth-watering stuff that harmonises with the view.   The farmer's dumplings won 14 points whilst being tested and were one of the many reasons why this restaurant has a 'Haube' - Austria's equivalent of the Michelin Star. The noble wines from Austria and Italy put the icing on the cake, but aren't the only sources of shining light to be seen in the 360°wine bar.

SHOP in Innsbruck: Rathausgalerien
If you don't travel to Innsbruck in the middle of summer, you might risk frozen toes and icy credit cards. Thank god for the Rathausgalerien (city hall gallery). Here you can carry out your favourite hobby without shivering teeth. Plus you can really let your credit card glow in the exclusive boutique stores. Let yourself defrost here and you won't be leaving quickly. If you don't get stuck in Hugo Boss, Calzedonia or Mango, then it'll probably be in either Gant, Jones or Lacoste. And if you are still freezing, then the sporting fashion at North Face will help you bear the cold.   Time for a break after so much shopping? There are great gastronomical pleasures to be found here as well. Lichtblick have a great gourmet menu, fine traditional fare at Gössers or Indonesian curry noodles at Thai-Li-Ba. With so many international offerings, it's so hard to choose. To top off a successful day, stop off at La Habana for a cuban cigar, where you can also soak up the cuban tunes and enjoy a well-deserved cocktail.

STAY in Innsbruck: Basic Hotel
The basic hotel is very modest: the website touts things that the hotel simply cannot offer. The modesty is however not necessary, as the central location is worth the trip alone. Of course there are other hotels that share the same central location, but the Basic Hotel sets itself apart with its modern design and unbeatable price. Whereas other hotels boast with their minimalism, which in turns leads to horrendous prices, the Basic Hotel remains very matter of fact. It is self-assured and doesn't ask much for the rest. And it still has a lot to offer - wireless internet, flatscreen TVs, comfortable beds coupled with warm, rich colours. This neat little package is sure to answer the wishes of every business client and backpacker that wants to treat themselves to a night of comfort.   However you will not find a star restaurant at the Basic. The continental breakfast from Stefan's bakery does however covers all bases, there's pasta for lunch and even prosecco with proscuitto in the evening. The Basic Hotel apologises for the abscence of super-plush beds, mini-bars and expansive baths. But does anybody really need all that? The Basic Hotel has more charm in its little palm than the larger hotels with their jewellery-laden hands. And the price is quite acceptable: from ?80 per night.

SEE in Innsbruck: Innsbruck Hafen
Is it a safe harbour or a stormy lake? This harbour can be anythin, but most of all a true work of art, in which many like to drop by. What was once the stomping grounds of Tyrol's autonomists is now the biggest convention centre in Innsbruck for all kinds of commerical purposes. There are exhibitions by the local advertisement school, country festivals and school parties along with death-metal events, classical rock concerts and goa dance events.   It's all here at the Hafen: every creature is sure to find their little pleasure at one point in time, whether it's snowboarding films, presentations about buddhism or gangster rap. In need of a party guide? We can recommend the 'Forever Young' event, which offers people 30 years of age and over a boisterous event with others of the same age. Those who go home early are really missing out on something, as the Hafen is located directly on the Inn river and is treasured for it's idyllic early morning views.

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Flights to Innsbruck Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
BHX - INN OS 2576 10:30 - 12:35 02:05 320
DME - INN OS 1006 18:10 - 21:35 03:25 321
RIX - INN OS 2678 15:55 - 18:20 02:25 100
DME - INN OS 672 16:30 - 19:55 03:25 319
GOT - INN OS 9628 18:55 - 20:55 02:00 100
SOU - INN OS 2590 16:35 - 18:40 02:05 100
ARN - INN OS 9628 19:20 - 21:50 02:30 100
BLL - INN OS 9628 19:50 - 21:40 01:50 100
ARN - INN OS 9622 18:45 - 21:15 02:30 320
VIE - INN OS 1447 19:30 - 20:15 00:45 320
GOT - INN OS 9628 17:35 - 19:35 02:00 100
VIE - INN OS 1432 21:00 - 21:50 00:50 321
EDI - INN OS 2584 17:00 - 19:30 02:30 319
BHX - INN OS 2576 17:45 - 19:50 02:05 320
VIE - INN OS 901 16:15 - 17:15 01:00 319
VIE - INN OS 1401 12:05 - 13:05 01:00 321
SOU - INN OS 2590 10:10 - 12:15 02:05 100
BLL - INN OS 9624 17:05 - 18:55 01:50 320
VIE - INN OS 1432 19:10 - 20:10 01:00 321
KBP - INN OS 670 08:50 - 11:25 02:35 319