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Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), a country located on the East coast of the Arabian peninsula. Dubai made its fortune over the last decade through its vast oil reserves, and more recently is trying to diversify its economic activity. Finance and tourism are two industries in which Dubai is investing heavily, especially through various projects that made headlines around the World. Numerous world class hotels have been built, and entire new islands are being created to provide real estate opportunities. Some of them are truly spectacular. Dubai is also aggressively trying to become a major tourist destination, for example by providing a world class airport-hub for travel among various continents. You can fly to Dubai airport with Austrian Airlines.

Flights to Dubai

Austrian Flights to the Middle East

Austrian Airlines operates a large number of flights to the key economic centres in the Middle East.

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red|guide Tipps: Dubai

EAT in Dubai: 360 Degrees Bar
The 360 Degrees is not only a bar, but a sight which should be on each and every must-see list. The name says it all and keeps what it promises: an impressive panorama view over the Burj Al Arab and Dubai's skyline. The disc-shaped deck quasi hovers over the restaurant Marina and is connected to the shore by a pier. Hanging around casually is not possible, the 360 Degrees is unobtrusively cool.   Chic, sophisticated, bathed in the light of the evening desert sun. It is the perfect place to get rid of the stress of daily business life. The following relaxation instruction is very recommendable: Glide into one of the comfortable white leather-sofas, order a hookah plus cocktail (or maybe two or three), listen to the house music of the live-DJs and keep your face towards the sunset. As the saying goes: Life can be a pleasure, too.

SHOP in Dubai: Ibn Battuta Mall
For 29 years in the 14th century Ibn Battuta travelled through the Near East, North Africa and Asia. Today there's a shopping mall named after the Arabian Marco Polo. We wonder if the explorer would like this homage - of course there's no answer to that. But one thing is for sure: the way through the Ibn Battuta Mall in fact equals an adventure.   Loaded with a growing number of shopping bags from countless shops the shopaholics run through different theme worlds: Andalusia and Tunisia, Egypt and Persia and finally India and China.   The 250,000-square-metre large Ibn Battuta Mall opened in the year 2005 and is located between Dubai Marina and the port Jebel Ali - a little bit outside town. The mall also houses the first IMAX cinema in the United Arab Emirates.

STAY in Dubai: Marriott Marquis
And once again we have to collocate a superlative with Dubai! The country with the tallest tower in the world - the Burj Khalifa with its 830 metres - has now given birth to the tallest hotel in the world. 72 levels and 355 metres - these are vertiginous facts and figures of the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai which officially welcomes its guests since the end of February. And likewise has conquered a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.   On top of the crystalline twin towers you'll find the steak restaurant Prime 68 which is one of nine restaurants and five lounges and bars. You'll be served sushi or Indian dishes, among others - after all at Rang Mahal you'll find Atul Kochhar swinging the cooking spoon, the first Indian cook that has been awarded a Michelin star.   There's no end for megalomaniacs - the spa spans 1,500 square metres and the event rooms 5,100. Groups of up to 1,00 persons are therefore a piece of cake for the JW Marriott Marquis. After all, we're in Dubai!

SEE in Dubai: Hindi Lane
Right behind the big mosque, near the Dubai Museum, you find the Hindi Lane. The name says it all: you mustn't suffer from claustrophobia because space is in short supply here. Everything else can be found in abundance: blue pictures with baby krishnas, red fringy key chains, colourful garlands of flowers and hallowed ashes. Additionally sandalwood paste and tons of fresh fruit. There's a lot to see in the countless shops along the narrow and intertwined lane in the district Bur Dubai.   Having reached the end of Hindi Lane the shopping experience continues: there you find the shops and stalls of the textile Souks with pashminas and silk saris. The elegant pieces are however not neatly hanged on clothes hooks but presented in wooden shutters. Overlooking impossible. Passing by as well. At the end one thing is sure: browsing through the immense offer was truly fun.


Flights to Dubai Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - DXB OS 839 16:30 - 22:15 05:45 763
VIE - DXB OS 839 12:05 - 17:50 05:45 763